Second Amendment Constitutionalists of Florida Who Are We?

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The Second Amendment Constitutionalists of Florida, is a local gun rights organization organized in Palm Beach County, Florida 

Our organization was originally incorporated in April of 1995 as the “NRA Members Council of Palm Beach County, Inc.” The NRA discontinued Members Councils in December of 1999, so our name was changed to The Second Amendment Coalition of Florida and now we are known as the Second Amendment Constitutionalists of Florida.

All are welcome to attend our meetings even if you are not currently a member. Your support, as a member or through our various fundraising activities, helps us to help you protect your Second Amendment Rights. Get Meetings Info Here

Your membership also helps support having monthly meetings, publish our monthly newsletter, send postcards to our Elected Representatives and with General operations like printing, local lobbying, website hosting and more

In addition, we actively participate in NRA membership recruiting. We support the Friends of the NRA annual Charity Banquet, and Tallahassee lobbying efforts for the NRA and Gun Owners of America.

Our struggle to get a true public gun range for Palm Beach county which initially opened in 2020 during the pandemic and is now fully operational…get more info on the Florida Wildlife Commission – Palm Beach Shooting Sports Complex, and various other functions and activities throughout the year.

Our organization is most importantly concerned about protecting the law abiding Legal citizen(s) absolute right to keep and bear arms. We accomplish this by Networking, Informing, and Training.

Second Amendment Coalition of Florida Mission Statement:

Our Mission Is To Inform, Educate, Advise And Train The Citizens Of Florida To The True Meaning Of The Second Amendment And Help Them Recognize Any Violations Committed By Our Publicly Elected Officials, Lower Court Rulings And The Media, While Noting The 2nd Amendment’s Importance In America’s History And Future.