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Constitutional Carry is not a privilege, it’s a right. Florida Gun Owners of America’s Luis Valdes spoke with the Sun Sentinel about the state’s next effort to protect our God-given rights. –  Get Info Here
The 2nd Amendment Coalition of Florida (SACFLA) also Very Strongly Believes in the mission of U.S. LawShield. Using your 2nd Amendment rights and protecting you from the legal hurdles and issues that might happen if you find yourself in the need to Use Your Firearm – Get Info Here


Ammoland Shooting Sports News Website – Get Info Here


2021 – Supreme Court Rules that Police Cannot Enter Home using Community Caretaker Rule without a warrant – brought to us by Katz & Phillips, The Firearm Law Firm – Get Info Here

After 2022 Huge Supreme Court Bruen Decision Many of the May Issue State Laws Got Worse – Get Info Here

Second Amendment News Website – Great Website Find for Comprehensive 2nd Amendment News – Get Info Here

Dry Fire Magazine Website – Really Effective Device to Practice Dry Fire / Muscle Memory – Get Info Here

 Florida Counties Have Been Quietly Passing Second Amendment Sanctuary Status – Get More Info here
Is Florida set to become the NEXT  Constitutional Carry State in America – Townhall News Article – Get More Info here
Florida Rep Anthony Sabatini and John Lott of CPRC write Op-Ed at Orlando Sentinel for 2022 Constitutional Carry Effort – Get More Info here
Visit our Friends at Florida Carry and see what they are About and doing for the 2nd Amendament – Get More Info here
Go to the truth About Guns Website – Get More Info here

Visit the Polite Society Podcast Website – Powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition – Get More Info here

The Truth About Guns – Malfunction Clearing Drills for shooting your Handgun…Important Skill to Learn!! – Get More Info here
List of 2020 -2022 Florida State Senators to contact regarding Florida Citizen Gun Rights – Get More Info here
Governor Ron DeSantis promotes Constitutional Carry in Florida  Get More Info Here
June 2022 Supreme Court Ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen from One Armed Man Website  Get More Info Here
KrisAnne Hall a Fantastic Fighter For Liberty Daily Journal   Get More Info Here
After Landmark SCOTUS Ruling State of New York Creates New Laws for Sensitive Zones   Get More Info Here
Stacy Washington – Stacy On the Right Website -2nd Amendment News on Main Menu   Get More Info Here
Texas shooting hero Jack Wilson interview   Get More Info Here
The Armed Citizen at American Rifleman Website – Get More Info here
AWR Hawkins, very Distinguished writer and 2A Warrior at Breitbart News   Get More Info Here
The Florida Citizens Marksmanship Program – Get More Info here
 The Crime Prevention Research Center – website by John Lott anti-gun Control Researcher and Author– Get More Info here – Americans Who Saved Lives With Guns in 2019 – Podcast -Get More Info Here
 Listen to Armed American Radio & Podcast by Mark Walters– Get More Info here
Visit the Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)  Website – Get More Info here
Visit the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Website – Get More Info here
Visit the Firearms Policy Coalition Website – Get More Info here
Ninth Circuit sends case challenging California’s ‘draconian’ gun law to lower court, citing SCOTUS ruling – Get More Info here