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2021 – Supreme Court Rules that Police Cannot Enter Home using Community Caretaker Rule without a warrant – brought to us by Katz & Phillips, The Firearm Law Firm – Get Info Here

After 2022 Huge Supreme Court Bruen Decision Many of the May Issue State Laws Got Worse – Get Info Here

Second Amendment News Website – Great Website Find for Comprehensive 2nd Amendment News – Get Info Here

Dry Fire Magazine Website – Really Effective Device to Practice Dry Fire / Muscle Memory – Get Info Here

 Florida Counties Have Been Quietly Passing Second Amendment Sanctuary Status – Get More Info here

Florida Rep Anthony Sabatini and John Lott of CPRC write Op-Ed at Orlando Sentinel for 2022 Constitutional Carry Effort – Get More Info here
Go to the truth About Guns Website – Get More Info here

Visit our Friends at Florida Carry and see what they are About and doing for the 2nd Amendament – Get More Info here

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The Truth About Guns – Malfunction Clearing Drills for shooting your Handgun…Important Skill to Learn!! – Get More Info here
Governor Ron DeSantis promotes Constitutional Carry in Florida  Get More Info Here
June 2022 Supreme Court Ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen from One Armed Man Website  Get More Info Here
KrisAnne Hall a Fantastic Fighter For Liberty Daily Journal   Get More Info Here
After Landmark SCOTUS Ruling State of New York Creates New Laws for Sensitive Zones   Get More Info Here

Stacy Washington – Stacy On the Right Website -2nd Amendment News on Main Menu   Get More Info Here

Texas shooting hero Jack Wilson interview   Get More Info Here

The Armed Citizen at American Rifleman Website – Get More Info here

AWR Hawkins, very Distinguished writer and 2A Warrior at Breitbart News   Get More Info Here
The Florida Citizens Marksmanship Program – Get More Info here
 The Crime Prevention Research Center – website by John Lott anti-gun Control Researcher and Author– Get More Info here – Americans Who Saved Lives With Guns in 2019 – Podcast -Get More Info Here
 Listen to Armed American Radio & Podcast by Mark Walters– Get More Info here
Visit the Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO)  Website – Get More Info here
Visit the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Website – Get More Info here
Visit the Firearms Policy Coalition Website – Get More Info here
Ninth Circuit sends case challenging California’s ‘draconian’ gun law to lower court, citing SCOTUS ruling – Get More Info here