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January 2020 Volume 2, Issue 1

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams –
Samuel and John Adams‘ names are almost synonymous in all accounts of the Revolution that grew, largely, out of Boston. Though they were cousins and not brothers, they were often referred to as the Adams’ brothers, or simply as the Adams’.

Samuel Adams was born in Boston, son of a merchant and brewer. He was an excellent politician, an unsuccessful brewer, and a poor businessman. His early public office as a tax collector might have made him suspect as an agent of British authority, however he made good use of his understanding of the tax codes and wide acquaintance with the merchants of Boston. Samuel was a very visible popular leader who, along with John, spent a great deal of time in the public eye agitating for resistance.

In 1765 he was elected to the Massachusetts Assembly where he served as clerk for many years. It was there that he was the first to propose a continental congress. He was a leading advocate of republicanism and a good friend of Tom Paine.

In 1774, he was chosen to be a member of the provincial council during the crisis in Boston. He was then appointed as a representative to the Continental Congress, where he was most noted for his oratory skills, and as a passionate advocate of independence from Britain.

In 1776, as a delegate to the Continental Congress, he signed the Declaration of Independence. Adams retired from the Congress in 1781 and returned to Massachusetts to become a leading member of that state’s convention to form a constitution. In 1789 he was appointed lieutenant governor of the state. In 1794 he was elected Governor, and was re-elected annually until 1797 when he retired for health reasons.

He died in the morning of October 2, 1803, in his home town of Boston.

Florida State Capitol

The Battle To Repeal Florida’s “Red Flag” Law

By supporting HB 6003

While there are many other bills before the Florida legislature that are affecting our gun rights both pro and con that we need to watch, HB 6003 is decidedly the most important. This bill would repeal the ‘red flag’ provisions that were put into effect when they approved the Margery Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act (SB 7026).

The “Red Flag” or Extreme Risk Protection Orders as they are officially called provide for an individual to be tried Ex Parte. This means that a Sheriff’s deputy that has received a complaint from a family member or citizen fills out a form and presents it to a Judge without the accused being present or even knowing they are being tried. Does anyone think that a Judge receiving this complaint will do anything other than approve it because if they don’t and the individual goes out and commits an incident they will be under severe scrutiny. No Judge wants to be in that position.

You might ask yourself how we got in this position when there is a Republican majority in the House and Senate. Well, we have several traitorous Republicans in both houses. These elected officials are not serving us, just themselves. It is utterly disgusting.

One of the prime movers of SB 7026 was our Senate President Bill Galvano. It is alleged that he is proud of his accomplishment and has warned Republican Senators against submitting any bill that would undo any of the provisions in SB 7026 and indicated that he would not let any of those Senators bills go to the floor if they did.

Interestingly enough after SB 7026 was passed Michael Bloomberg gave $500,000 dollars to a PAC (Political Action Committee) named “Innovate Florida” whose Chairman is Bill Galvano.

We are in an era where we citizens have been paying so little attention to what our politicians have been getting away with for years that they are now blatantly ignoring any sense of justice and the rights of the governed.

We have to shame those in government that still have a conscience and work to expose those that don’t.

One place to start is with these ‘red flag’ provisions now built into Florida Statute. Even though this provision is obviously unconstitutional it will take years before it will be contested before the Supreme Court. So, we have no choice but to challenge it legislatively.

Our Campaign has begun with our postcard and education initiative.

In this first phase of our Red Flag Campaign we have been attending a wide variety of events with literature explaining the law and the HB 6003 bill that will if passed take out the ‘red flag’ provisions that were put in with SB 7026.

Now on to Phase Two!

In this phase we will continue with our flyer and postcard campaign and adding an aggressive telephone and email blitz.

Here is the plan:

There are specific members of the Florida Legislature that we need to target and we also have to target the legislators that directly represent us individually. And we need to plan a Second Amendment Day or Days in Tallahassee.

The way we need to attack is to call and write each member on a list that will be included here as an addendum and insist that they support HB 6003 and other pro Second Amendment Bills currently before the Florida Legislature.

Florida’s legislative session starts January 14th but committees will be meeting before that date so we need to start a calling and writing blitz NOW.

Link to take ACTION – Click Here for More Information

At Our Meeting Held at the Hurricane Dockside Grill in Lake Worth on November 21, 2019

Call to Order: President Dean Walter: 7:01
Meeting Rules: Ruth Field Beck
Invocation: Jane Justice
Pledge of Allegiance: Jim McClean

Reading of Mission Statement: Dick Farrell

Approval of the Agenda: Dean Walter
Recognition of Visitors: Dean Walter

Presentation by Candidate Representative Connor representing Victor Garcia de Rosa

Secretary’s Report and Approval of October General Meeting Minutes and October and November Board Meeting Minutes: Ruth Field Beck, Approved by Jim McClean and Seconded by Jonathan Walter

Treasurer’s Report: David Wood: 44 new NRA memberships at the November gun show. David Wood mentioned donations we received and said Dean Walter had walked the line of people waiting for the show to open and provided the pocket Constitutions plus the donation bucket, raising $180 in donations. Expenses have included the supplies for the Red Flag Initiative and items to distribute at colleges.

President’s Presentation “What’s in a Name”: Dean Walter

Discussion in audience:

Museum in Titusville has the largest private gun collection, can take a club field trip to the museum.

Dean Walter’s goal is to create 7 minute videos

Red Flag Summit

Committee Leaders’ Presentation:

IT Committee: Scott Cayouette, website is

Editor of the Day Committee: David Wood is the Newsletter Editor. Referred to Bob Inzerillo.

Firearms Training Committee: Dean Walter and Jonathan Walter and Ruth Field Beck presented a testimony about first time experience at a shooting range

QRF Committee: David Wood, Barb Susco said there is a Legislation Team in Loxahatchee next week. David referred to Dan Gonzalez. David requested ideas for signs and rules of engagement.

Fair Committee: David Wood as part of Treasurer’s report said we are confirmed for building 6 at the Fair. Jonathan Walter mentioned organizing volunteers. Ruth Field Beck provided details about sign up and invited the attendees to sign up.

Old Business: By Laws, David Wood made motion for vote and Jonathan Walter seconded it, passed by vote of attendees

New Business: Victor Palsenberger said the range is in process of being finished and there will be archery on the range.

Search and permit

The Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried will be at the Fair

Dean Walter encouraged instructors to stand up.

Adjourn: Jonathan made a motion to adjourn, and Ruth Field Beck seconded it.

At Our Meeting

Held at the Hurricane Dockside Grill in Lake Worth on December 19, 2019

Call to Order: Ruth 6:56

Invocation: Bob Inzerrello

Pledge of Allegiance: David Wood

Reading of Mission Statement: Dick Farrell

Approval of the Agenda: Ruth Field Beck, Motion: Dick Farrell, Second: Steve Leonard

Recognition of Visitors: Ruth Field Beck

Candidate Presentation: Debra Musselwhite

Secretary’s Report and Approval of November 21 Meeting Minutes: Ruth Field Beck, Motion: Dick Farrell, Second: Jonathan Walter

Treasurer’s Report: David Wood

Contract in place for Fair with the downpayment made, insurance acquired, individual tickets and badges discussed

President’s Presentation: Dean Walter, “Inconvenient Truth”

Committee Leaders Presentation

IT Committee: Scott Cayouette–website in process

Firearms Training Committee: Jonathan Walter—will be activated starting after New Year’s

Legislative Committee—Red Flag Laws: Dean Walter—Red Flag Summit. SACFLA new show on periodic basis in 2020. David Wood—Red Flag Initative, mailing postcards, calling Congress, Governor DeSantis, there are anti gun bills in legislature

QRF: David Wood—Jonathan Walter, Ruth Field Beck, Dan Gonzales, Fred Quan. Tell David as soon as possible about any events the QRF team should attend. Richmond, VA protest

Fair Committee: David Wood and Ruth Field Beck—organizing volunteers. Anyone volunteering for 7 shifts will be given a badge. Those volunteering for less than 7 shifts will be given a pass for the day. Donations for the badges are encouraged. Badges are $20 each.

Old Business: Dean Walter—Club 45, now at Airport Hilton in Majestic room. SACFLA was squeezed out of having a table and of making an announcement

New Business: Dean Walter—Barb Susco brought and distributed newspapers and encouraged us to visit the websites and the website for the Senate.

Adjourn: 8:22, Motion: Scott Cayouette, Second: Jonathan Walter

Natural Rights

By Jim McClean

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. It is specifically insulated from governmental interference by the Constitution and has historically been the linchpin of resistance to tyranny. And yet, the progressives in both political parties stand ready to use the coercive power of the government to interfere with the exercise of that right by law-abiding persons because of the gross abuse of that right by some crazies in our midst.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, he was marrying the nation at its birth to the ancient principles of the natural law that have animated the Judeo-Christian tradition in the West. Those principles have operated as a break on all governments that recognize them by enunciating the concept of natural rights.

As we have been created in the image and likeness of God the Father, we are perfectly free just as He is. Thus, the natural law teaches that our freedoms are pre-political and come from our humanity and not from the government, and as our humanity is ultimately divine in origin, the government, even by majority vote, cannot morally take natural rights away from us. A natural right is an area of individual human behavior – like thought, speech, worship, travel, self-defense, privacy, ownership and use of property, – immune from government interference and for the exercise of which we don’t need the government’s permission.

The essence of humanity is freedom. Government – whether voted in peacefully or thrust upon us by force – is essentially the negation of freedom. Throughout the history of the world, people have achieved freedom when those in power have begrudgingly given it up. From the assassination of Julius Caesar to King John’s forced signing of the Magna Carts, from the English Civil War to the triumph of the allies at the end of World War II, from the fall of Communism to the Arab Spring, governments have permitted so-called nobles and everyday folk to exercise more personal freedom as a result of their demands for it and their fighting for it. This constitutes power permitting liberty.

The principal reason the colonists won the American Revolution is that they possessed weapons equivalent in power and precision to those of the British government. If the colonists had been limited to crossbows that they had registered with the king’s government in London, while the British troops used gunpowder when they fought us here, George Washington and Jefferson would have been captured and hanged.

We also defeated the king’s soldiers because they didn’t know who among us was armed, because there was no requirement of a permission slip from the government in order to exercise the right to self-defense. (Imagine the howls of protest if permission were required as a precondition to exercising the freedom of speech.) Today, the limitations on the power and precision of the guns we can lawfully own not only violate our natural right to self-defense and our personal sovereignties; they assure that a tyrant can more easily disarm and overcome US.

The historical reality of the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms is not that it protects the right to shoot deer. It protects the right to shoot tyrants, and it protects the right to shoot at them effectively, thus, with the same instruments they would use upon us. If the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto have had the firepower and ammunition that the Nazis did, some of Poland might have stayed free and more persons would have survived the Holocaust.

Many people in government reject natural rights and personal sovereignty. Many people in government believe that the exercise of everyone’s rights is subject to the will of those in the government. Many people in government believe that they can write any law and regulate any behavior, not subject to the natural law, not subject to the sovereignty of individuals, not cognizant of history’s tyrants, but subject only to what they can get away with.

Did you empower the government to impair the freedom of us all because of the mania and terror of a few? Power only respects power.

Jim McClean

Second Amendment and Gun Related Information & News Digest

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

Posted by Gregory Hoyt | Dec 16, 2019

Virginia Militia

Things are getting really bad in Virginia. But this group isn’t going down without a fight.

Virginia – Earlier in the week, we reported on how lawmakers over in Virginia were threatening to use the National Guard if members of local law enforcement refused to enforce laws passed in the state that they felt violated the second amendment.

Well, looks like Tazewell County isn’t going down without a fight. On top of calling themselves a second amendment sanctuary county, they’re also crafting a militia as well. The Virginia county has taken the movement that has swept across the state and added an element that is sure to trigger pro gun-grabbing politicians in the state.


Virginia lawmakers threatened to deploy the National Guard if members of law enforcement refused to enforce strict new gun laws. (

Just this past Tuesday, on December 10th, the Board of Supervisors from Tazewell County passed two different resolutions in light of controversy circling those who are pro-gun. The first resolution declared the county to be a second amendment sanctuary. This is not at all surprising to see, as 76 out of 95 counties, 9 out of 38 independent cities, and 13 towns have adopted second amendment sanctuary resolutions.

Read more: Link to Article-Click Here Now!


Bloomberg Bought Virginia Legislators Introduce Confiscatory Gun Ban


Bloomberg Bought Virginia Legislators Introduce Confiscatory Gun Ban

Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for Virginia legislators have wasted no time introducing legislation that would make the Old Dominion’s gun laws worse than those of the billionaire’s home state of New York.

SB 16, introduced by Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, would create a total ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, like the AR-15. Even worse, the ban would even extend to common firearm parts. The restrictions included in the proposed legislation does not grandfather current owners. The legislation is clearly designed to be firearms confiscation, as current owners would be forced to dispossess themselves of their property or face a felony conviction.

Saslaw’s legislation provides,

It is unlawful for any person to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, purchase, possess, or transport an assault firearm.

Otherwise law-abiding gun owners found in possession of an “assault firearm,” even one they purchased prior to the ban, could be convicted of a Class 6 felony. A Class 6 felony is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment.

The legislation lays out several criteria by which a firearm would be defined as an “assault firearm.” This includes,

  • A semi-automatic centerfire rifle with a fixed magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.
  • A semi-automatic centerfire rifle with a detachable magazine that has one of the following characteristics:

(i) a folding or telescoping stock; (ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the rifle; (iii) a thumbhole stock; (iv) a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand; (v) a bayonet mount; (vi) a grenade launcher; (vii) a flare launcher; (viii) a silencer; (ix) a flash suppressor; (x) a muzzle brake; (xi) a muzzle compensator; (xii) a threaded barrel… or (xiii) any characteristic of like kind as enumerated in clauses (i) through (xii)

  • A semi-automatic centerfire pistol with a fixed magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds.
  • A semi-automatic centerfire pistol with a detachable magazine that has one of the following characteristics:

(i) a folding or telescoping stock; (ii) a thumbhole stock; (iii) a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand; (iv) the capacity to accept a magazine that attaches to the pistol outside of the pistol grip; (v) a shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles, the barrel and that permits the shooter to hold the pistol with the non-trigger hand without being burned; (vi) a manufactured weight of 50 ounces or more when the pistol is unloaded; (vii) a threaded barrel… or (viii) any characteristic of like kind as enumerated in clauses (i) through (vii);

  • A shotgun with a revolving cylinder.
  • A semi-automatic shotgun with one of the following characteristics:
  1. a folding or telescoping stock, (ii) a thumbhole stock, (iii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the shotgun, (iv) the ability to accept a detachable magazine, (v) a fixed magazine capacity in excess of seven rounds, or (vi) any characteristic of like kind as enumerated in clauses (i) through (v).

With this definition, SB 16 would outlaw America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15, along with countless other rifles, pistols, and shotguns that Virginians use for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

A knowledgeable firearms owner will take a look at the ridiculous definition and realize that such ham-handed legislation must be born out of petty vindictiveness or a complete ignorance of firearm technology, as there is no logical public safety rationale.

For example, the legislation is so broad that it would ban hunting guns like the Mossberg 935 Turkey shotgun for its “pistol grip.”

The ban would prohibit the possession of guns like this Model SP-10 Magnum Thumbhole Camo due to its thumbhole stock.

The ban would also capture guns such as this version of the Browning BAR Mark II Safari hunting rifle, as it has a detachable box magazine and a muzzle brake.


Moreover, the “any characteristic of like kind” language that appears after each list of prohibited features introduces an unacceptable vagueness into the definition of what does or does not constitute an “assault firearm.” Law-abiding gun owners would be forced to prophesy just how a court might interpret those unclear provisions.

As bad and senseless as the prohibition on certain firearms is, the proposed ban on firearm parts truly shows how Michael Bloomberg is cashing in on his political investment.

The legislation provides, “Assault firearm” includes any part or combination of parts designed or intended to convert, modify, or otherwise alter a firearm into an assault firearm, or any combination of parts that may be readily assembled into an assault firearm.

This passage would appear to make all of the firearm parts listed under the various feature tests in and of themselves “assault firearms” and therefore prohibited. As the individual part is treated as an “assault firearm,” possession of such a part would be punishable in the same manner as a prohibited firearm, as a Class 6 felony.

Many firearms are modular. For instance, the same muzzle brake or flash suppressor could be used to turn a semi-automatic firearm into an “assault firearm” under the bill’s definition, or it could be used by a hunter or precision rifle shooter on their bolt-action rifle.

In recent years the popularity of the AR-15 platform has led to the adoption of AR-15 parts in other types of firearms. An example of this trend is the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. The firearm is a bolt-action rimfire rifle that accepts an AR-15 pistol grip. As the pistol grip part is a prohibited feature on a semi-automatic rifle that can accept a detachable magazine and is designed for use on a prohibited AR-15, the mere grip itself could be banned under this legislation.


SB 16 also bans the importation, sale, and transfer of standard capacity firearm magazines that are designed to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Many handguns commonly-owned by law-abiding citizens for concealed carry come standard with magazines that would be banned. Otherwise law-abiding gun owners who violate the magazine provision could be found guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. A Class 1 misdemeanor is punishable by up to a year in jail.

All Virginia gun owners must organize to fight against Bloomberg-backed gun confiscation in the Old Dominion. In the coming days NRA will keep gun owners apprised of the latest developments in Richmond and the actions necessary to defend the right to keep and bear arms. In the meantime, please sign up to volunteer -click here at NRA-ILA to help defeat this and other terrible legislation.

Our Next Meeting at Hurricane Dockside Grill

South Florida fair and red flag action time, Thursday, January 16th, 2020

At this meeting Dean Walter our President will be giving a presentation on the “the State of the Union and the accomplishments of SACFLA.”

Sheriff Rick Bradshaw will be at this meeting and will give a short presentation. There will also be a presentation by a Constitutional Lawyer and presentation about the state of Venezuela.

Jonathan Walter will update us on training and have a demonstration session.

As the Fair starts on Friday, January 17th we will do an update on the setup and some of the items and experiences we will be offering there.

Here are the Current Committees:

Legislative/political Committee:

Members: Mitchell Schwartz, David Wood, Tom Vaughn, Jane Justice, Peter Cavanagh, George Blumel, Paula Prudente, Barb Susco, Ruth Field Beck, Dean Walter, Dick Farrel and Dan Gonzales.

QRF (Quick Reaction Force):

Members: Dan Gonzales, Peter Cavanagh, Victor Palsenberger, Lynda Halpern, Dick Farrel, Tom Vaughn, Fred Quan, David Wood, Dean Walter, Ruth Beck and Vicky Addison.

Media Committee:

Members: Dean Walter and Dick Farrel


Members; Dean Walter and Paula Prudente

Firearms Training:

Members: Jonathan Walter, Dan Gonzales, Fred Quan and Suzanne Falcone

IT Committee:

Members: Peter Cavanagh, Dean Walter, Scott Cayouette and David Wood.

Fair Committee:

Members: Bill Gorman, Ruth Field Beck, David Wood, Bob and Betty Felton, Bob Inzerillo and Jim McClean.

EOD (Editor of the Day):

Dean Walter, Bob Inzerillo, Jim McClean and Scott Cayouette.

Committees that have not yet had any members formally commit to are: Fundraising, and Membership.

If there is a a committee you would like to be on please send an email to

South Florida Fair

Constitutional Carry


No tests. No taxes. No paperwork. No fingerprints in the criminal database. No photographs. No expiration dates. No plastic-coated permission slip.

Get info from our Friends at Florida Carry for more information – Click here

Just rights. For all law-abiding adults.

Train because it’s right, not state mandated.

READ: Background on the principles of Constitutional Carry

Issuing of concealed carry permit by county (2019):

Constitutional carry


May-issue (Shall-issue in practice)


May-issue (No-issue in practice)

U.S. jurisdictions that have constitutional carry

Idaho (residents only)



New Hampshire
North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only)

South Dakota

West Virginia

Wyoming (residents only)

Florida Leads the Nation in Conceal Carry Permits

Victor Palsenberger asked me to include this in our newsletter. According to research that Victor has done Florida has issued more permits since 1988 than any other state. As of November 30, 2019 Concealed Weapon or Firearms Licenses totaled 2,049,693.

Florida Dept Agri Licensing Count

Link to statistical reports:

West Palm Beach Regional Office

Florida Agriculture Commissioners Office

400 N. Congress Ave., Ste. 140,
West Palm Beach, FL 33401-2912
(561) 681-2530

Products and Services:

Concealed weapon license applications (new and renewals); private investigation, private security, recovery and repossession license applications (new and renewals)

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Gun Laws and Legal Issue Resources

Current Reciprocity Map

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NRA-ILA: Firearms Laws

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