Whether you’re joining, renewing, upgrading or signing up a friend as a gift membership, your support of the Second Amendment Coalition of Florida is greatly appreciated. We stand firmly, acting as a firewall between your firearm freedoms and those who would take them away, but we couldn’t do it without your participation or financial support.

Membership Fees are:

$20.00 – 1 year

Please Make Checks Payable To:

The Second Amendment Coalition of Florida
PO Box 17335
West Palm Beach, FL 33416-7335

Please note that all SACFLA, Inc. members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable and courteous manner and support the Constitution of the United States.
ANY members exhibiting untoward behavior will be asked to surrender their SACFLA membership and will receive a pro-rated refund of their membership dues.

Thank you for your interest in the “Second Amendment Coalition of Florida, Inc.”
Your local South Florida grassroots firearms rights organization.