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As a member of SACFLA you know the importance of being prepared for whatever happens in the world and in your neighborhood. We need your help in getting the word out to those who are not as aware as you are. That will help us all out.

We have found a unique way for you to help SACFLA in our mission and help yourself be even more prepared than you may be now. Donate $99 to SACFLA to help expand our mission. For each $99 donation, we will send you a beautiful, credit card sized, Second Amendment Gold Contributor Card embedded with one gram of pure 24 carat, 999.9 fine, currency grade gold.

Gold is a currency that has held is value for over 5,000 years no matter what the economic or political situation was anywhere in the world. Economic experts today are predicting dire times ahead for the world’s economy and suggest that gold is the one of the best hedges for maintaining your money’s value.

With your donation you help SACFLA keep a strong America and you help yourself by converting some of your paper money to a currency that will maintain it’s value as the dollar continues to lose it’s value year after year.

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Along with your donation you have the option of joining the FREE Gold Savings Club. Here you can afford to Save in Gold, weekly, or monthly or when you can, at your option. Convert your dollars to as little as one gram of gold at a time. What better way to join those Americans who are prepared for the future?

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